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Apart from classroom learning, great emphasis is placed on the learning that comes with interaction during extra-curricular activities after school.


The scouts program is a continuous adventure in learning that offers a broad range of activities to help students learn new skills, gain self-confidence, make new friends and provide service to their communities - while having fun and forming friendships. The Scout Troop is involved in many activities that teach self-reliance and independence. Besides weekly afternoon meetings, the scouts have camps, trips and many other activities and are often involved in community work.



One of the school's strong points is its belief in a well-rounded education coupled with well-rounded activities offering the students a chance of a more personal involvement with their school and its faculty. In addition to regular physical education classes, the school extends its sports activities to involve varsity teams for girls and boys who practice after school hours and participate in Inter-school competitions. After-school sports include basketball, volleyball, football, track and field, table tennis, gymnastics and karate.



The Model United Nations (MUN) conferences gives our students a truly transformative experience by providing them with a better understanding of the how the United Nations works and a forum to hone skills in diplomacy, critical thinking and public speaking. We are keen our students take part in various MUN conferences and become more involved citizens of the world by helping them to understand the responsibilities of being a world citizen.


Student Council

Student Council is a key activity of the school and provides students with the opportunity to hone and deploy communication, planning and organizational skills. The elected student council will be entrusted with organizing in-school activities to spread happiness, positivity and personal development in the student community, ensuring the highest level of decorum during high-profile guest visits and acting as the conduit between students and faculty members.