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Computer Chips use light instead of electricity


A research team at Exeter University, UK, developed photonic computer chips that use light instead of electricity to simulate the operation of brain synapses. Daniel C. Wright, one of the scienti... Read More

رقاقة كمبيوتر تعمل بالضوء لمحاكاة عمل الدماغ


توصل علماء من جامعة إكسيتر البريطانية الى تطوير رقاقة كومبيوتر فوتونية، تستخدم فوتونات الضوء بدلاً من الكه... Read More

Can We Stop Aging?


A team of scientists at the University of California San Diego has now decoded the dynamics that control how our cells age. They were able to identify a protein that protects the DNA from damage ca... Read More

Flag Day


2500 students raised the UAE flag on the 2nd of November with pride..Raise it High, Raise it Proud ... Read More

Scouts Camp


Our Gr.5 to 9 scouts members had their first camp at Al Barsha campus. They were engaged in a variety of activities that made them spend an awesome time together. Most importantly, our Murshidat an... Read More

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