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MIT Engineers 3-D print a “living tattoo“


New technique 3-D prints programmed cells into living devices for first time.    MIT engineers have devised a 3-D printing technique that uses a new kind of ink made from genetica... Read More

New App Replaces Ultrasound with Smartphone Camera to Measure Heart Health


Engineers at Caltech, Huntington Medical Research Institute, and the University of Southern California have demonstrated that the camera on your smartphone can noninvasively provide detailed inform... Read More

New Computer Model Sheds Light on Biological Events Leading to Sudden Cardiac Death


It is important for students wishing to become doctors or biomedical engineers in the future, to know what computational medicine is. Johns Hopkins researchers constructed a powerful new ... Read More

IBM’s Watson Found Cancer Treatments That Doctors Overlooked


IBM’s Watson Found Cancer Treatments That Doctors Overlooked  IBM’s Watson is helping doctors identify treatment options for cancer patients — and it’s even suggest... Read More

القطب الجنوبي للمشتري في صورة مذهلة من جونو


تمكن مسبار جونو من التقاط صورة مذهلة للقطب الجنوبي لكوكب المشتري،وتظهر الصورة الفائقة الدقة سحب ها... Read More

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