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「For Honor」のベンチマークもほぼ最高設定でヌルヌル動く! 144Hz駆動で画質も妥協ナシならGeForce GTX 1080Ti搭載のLEVEL∞ GeForce GTX 1080Tiの販売開始に. GeForce GTX 1080 Ti があれば、4K の細部まで鮮明な映像でゲームを楽しむ性能が得られます。 Acer Predator X27 モニターと ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ 4K 144Hz G-SYNC HDR モニターが現在発売中で. Look at the GTX 1080 reviews, they use 1440p in like all of them. Looks like it's not quite enough for MAX/Ultra settings 144FPS 1440p, but you can tune down the settings for more FPS if that's desired. The GTX 1080 is a good choice for 1440p 144hz monitors too. However, if you can afford it, I would recommend a GTX 1080 Ti for 144hz monitors because even the GTX 1080 won’t make full use of the extra hz in most AAA games. 2017/01/06 · Saying a 1080 @1440p will push out 144fps is completely wrong. It will manage above 60fps and in some less demanding games will push 144fps but it won't in every title. The great thing about 144hz though is you don't need 144fps.

2017/02/07 · No. Wait for the GTX 1080Ti. The 1080 doesn't have nearly enough power to get anywhere close to 144hz at 1440p with the settings maxed out. I could be wrong since I'm playing on 3440x1440p which is about 30% higher resolution. With the GTX 1080 @ 1440p @ 144Hz, you'll often need to compromise on detail level to maintain a rock-solid 144 fps. This is very much a value judgment only you can make potato vs frame-rate, as you have decide what's most. Basically, a 1440p 144hz monitor with G-Sync will allow you to maximize your GTX 1080. You won't get 144fps on most modern games, but you won't need to. You won't get 144fps on most modern games, but you won't need to.

I miss the days of running my GTX 1080 at 1080p honestly, and if it weren't for the IPS panel on my 1440p monitor I'd still be running 1080p. But if you've got the money, might as well get the Ti for future proofing assuming you don. Bonsoir, Je vais bientôt faire l’acquisition d'un nouvel ordinateur et m'y connaissant pas assez pour me répondre à moi-même, je voudrais savoir si une GTX 1080 avec un écran 27 pouces, G-sync, 144Hz, 1440p est suffisant pour. Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 benchmarks: good for 4K, great for high-fps 1440p Yesterday's GPU king is still a great performer. The GeForce GTX 1080 was the first Pascal generation Nvidia card to hit. Et je sais de quoi je parle j'ai moi même un i7une Gtx 1080 pour un écran en 1080p 144hz. MangeMesFrittes MP 17 novembre 2016 à 16:57:28 J'ai commandé une 1080 avec un écran 1440p / 144hz. 1080p 144hz vs 1440p 144hz – Is it worth the upgrade? Updated: February 14th, 2020 By: Branton Guides 2 Comments Are you considering an upgrade from 1080p at 144Hz to 1440p at 144Hz, but you’re not sure if it’s actually worth it? 1080p has long been the standard and even now it’s what the vast majority of gamers use.

1440p 144hz Gsync. Thats what I got and every other monitor pales in comparison. Buy a monitor you can grow into. Just because you wont get 144hz at 1440p with a 1070 doesn't mean a future card wont. Then when the time. GTX 970 on a 1080p 144hz display, to a GTX 1080 on a 1440p 144hz display. The difference is immediate and worth every penny IMO. Even looking to possibly upgrade to a 1080 Ti I'm saving for one, at least, because the 1080. I am deciding to save up for a high end 1440p gaming PC. I am going to use the i7-9700k in my build. My friends keep telling me the RTX 2080 Ti has driver issues and I should get the GTX 1080 Ti instead. While I looked online it. usually yea, if you try 4K you will often find in some newer games battlefront 2 that you may not even manage 60fps nvidia says that without overclocking a 1080ti will handle 4K at 55fps with optimized graphics settings. other. 2017/09/30 · Heya! I’ve debating upgrading from a 1070 to a 1080. My monitor is a 144hz 1440p Acer screen with G-Sync and I’m hoping to get the most out of it. I’ve had no issues gaming on it with a 1070, but looking at benchmarks,.

1080p at 144Hz: What’s Good and What’s Bad Full HD 1920 x 1080 has been the industry standard for gaming displays for a while now. The resolution is more than enough for most people and considering you have a 22″ or 24. It's hard to believe how fast these GeForce Turings are coming out at this point. This year has so far welcomed the RTX 2060 and GTX 1660 Ti, and now, the GTX 1660 has popped up. Like its Ti bigger brother, the non-Ti retains a 6GB framebuffer, and proves itself to be a strong competitor against.

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